Music becomes space

Artist, Musician, and Designer in Bern, Schweiz

The Mathon project, named after a captivating spot in the Swiss Alps, uniquely blends the serene beauty of nature with the innovation of sound. Once a year, a mobile sound studio sets up amidst the majestic Swiss mountains for a week, inviting artists and guests to partake in an extraordinary recording session. This experience, inspired by the breathtaking vistas of the Alps and the Via Mala valley, culminates in an electro-acoustic soundscape that mirrors the tranquility and grandeur of its surroundings. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between nature and technology, reminiscent of how foreign online casinos bring together individuals from different parts of the world, offering a shared space for enjoyment and creativity.

Since 2005, Thomas Augustiny, Roger Stucki, and Pete Leuenberger have been the cornerstone of Mathon, blending their diverse backgrounds to create a harmonious sound environment. Their collective goal is to produce cinematic music that allows listeners to reinterpret the soundscapes, much like the immersive experience offered by exploring new and diverse virtual worlds. The inclusion of guest musicians such as Niels Hesse (Elektrohandel), Markus Koller (Starfrosch), and many more enriches the project by fostering a dynamic exchange of musical ideas and innovations.

At the heart of Mathon's philosophy is the foundational concept of ambient music: transforming space into music and allowing music to generate new spaces. This approach aligns with the experiences created in virtual environments, where users can discover new dimensions and experiences. Managed by Digitalis Music and featured on Everestrecords, Mathon's discography is a testament to their commitment to creating immersive soundscapes that transcend the ordinary, inviting listeners to explore the depths of sound and space.

Guests: Niels Hesse (Elektrohandel), Markus Koller (Starfrosch), Serge Stauffer (Atelier101), Roger Guntern (Visuals), Ronny Spiegel (Musiqueenroute), vj Mag (Magdesign), Matu Hügli (Everest), Maurice de Martin (Zeitkratzer), Maria Capelli, Nicolas Kellner, Sebastian Petitat and Florence Melnotte, Meienberg, Emanuele di Raymondi, Emanuele Errante, Strotter Inst., Etoy and many more...

Booking Agency: Digitalis Music

Discography: Mathon

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